Deck Installation – What You Need To Know

Thinking of getting a new deck? It can seem overwhelming at first when you’re trying to figure out all of the different materials available for use. Should you use Ecoscape composite decking? How about cedar decking, vinyl decking, or redwood decking?

Today we’ll cover the various types of decking materials and what you need to know before you get started building your deck.

Preliminary Thoughts

Before we get started talking about the various materials to build a deck with, it’s important to think about other aspects of your deck if you haven’t already.

Some planning before hand should already be completed, such as:

  • The total width of the deck
  • The total length of the deck
  • Building permits taken care of
  • Support beams, structures, and materials
  • How you plan to maintain the deck

Each of these points will help you decide what type of material to use when building your deck. For example, if you don’t plan on doing proper maintenance on your deck, you’re going to want to choose a long lasting material, or face the decay of the material your deck is built out of.

Popular Deck Materials

While you could theoretically build a deck out of any type of wood or material, there are some proven methods which have had long lasting success. We recommend choosing a common material in order to make your life – and the life of your deck – much better.

The most popular deck building materials include:

  • Redwood
  • Vinyl
  • Cedar
  • Composite
  • Ipe

These are listed in no particular order and all make great choices to build your deck out of. However, some of these materials do have pros and cons associated with their use.

Best Materials For Low Maintenance

Some people just want to build their deck, enjoy it, and not fuss over it, and we totally understand. There’s nothing worse than building something knowing you’re going to have to redo the paint, prime, or whatever the task may be each year.

Our favorite choice when it comes to low maintenance materials is composite decking. Composite decking is made out of wood combined with polyethylene, creating an excellent- long lasting wood mixture. This material looks extremely realistic and even feels like wood. This material has been shown to easily last for 20+ years with little to no maintenance, making it the ultimate choice for low maintenance deck building.

Materials Requiring High Maintenance

Lower cost variations of both redwood and cedar have been shown to deteriorate quickly based on the weather and environment they are placed in. This is only true of the lower quality varieties, so if you’re planning on using these materials be sure to buy only from high quality suppliers. With high quality lumber these decks can last for 15+ years with no problems.


Well, there you have it! This should get you started thinking about what deck material you’re looking for. No matter what material you select we hope you build an awesome, enjoyable, and long lasting deck!

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