Is It Time For a New Roof?

You may be wondering if that major hailstorm that hit last week messed up your roof, or maybe you just have an old house and notice some shingles peeling off.

Before we dive into this topic I would strongly recommend you visit our roofing homepage for more basics on this topic.

Today I’m here to talk about when it’s time for you to consider getting a new roof. There are many different things to watch out for, and some of them are not very obvious. By the end of my post my goal is to help you make the decision as to whether or not you need to spend your hard earned cash on roofing.

Things To Keep In Mind

Before we get into the various signs of damage and aging, lets address a question that I hear frequently.  One of the most frequent things I hear is that someone just came by and knocked on their door, telling them their roof is extremely damaged and needs urgent repairs.

Oftentimes the salesman or “roofer” who knocked on your door will point out various things, appearing to sound knowledgeable, and then scare you by telling you something dire. One common line I’ve heard before is: “if you don’t get this fixed within the next couple of weeks you’re going to have major water damage!”.

One thing to keep in mind is that the people knocking on your door are making money off of you. They make a commission based on setting up an appointment or making a “sale”. This is why I always recommend calling a trusted expert to verify their claims before taking any action.

Be sure to keep notes of what the salesman says. For example, if he points at the front left area of your roof and says it looks extremely damaged, note that down and see if the expert says the same thing or not.

Signs of Damage

Most signs of damage are quite small and hard to spot from the ground depending on how high your roof is. If you roof visibly looks destroyed or damaged you most likely will need a repair soon, but there are some subtle signs that can suggest this as well.

Here are some signs to be aware of:

  • Your shingles are curving/curling upwards
  • Your shingles are cracking or splitting
  • You have moss or algae growth on or in between the shingles
  • Your shingles are missing granules(the little bumps on the shingle)
  • You have bald patches on your shingles or roof

There are other more obvious signs, such as ripped off shingles, clearly aged roofing, etc..



In conclusion, there are quite a few different things to watch out for, but keep in mind that a good roofing job should last for 20-3o years. Always verify any issues with an expert before taking action, and make sure to get quite a few different quotes instead of jumping right into it with the door to door salesman.

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