Painting – Our Crazy NYC Experience

It can be tough to decide whether to call a pro or paint yourself, especially if you live in a big city like NYC. Finding a high-quality NYC painter is tough because there are so many companies out there that are willing to take on any job, even if they aren’t the best or aren’t qualified.

This was the dilemma I found myself in 15 years ago. I was not quite as into DIY tasks back then as I am now, and was feeling the pressure of multiple upcoming deadlines at work. The exterior of our house needed a MAJOR paint job as acid rain had started to cause splotching and fading on the exterior of our home. Our homeowners association told us that we needed to fix the exterior paint on our house or face a fine.

My wife and I decided that our best course of action was to hire a company to come and do the work since I was so bogged down at my job. We figured it would be an easy job, but boy were we wrong.

The First Major Issue

The first problem we had was trying to find the right painter. The more people we called, the more complicated things became. We had multiple painting companies come out to do estimates, and their price ranges fluctuated massively. We were getting quotes from $900 to $8000, which is a difference of almost ten times. We decided to settle on a company that had estimated somewhere in the middle, and the price we agreed on was 2500 dollars.

We asked how long it would take, stressing the fact that our neighborhood association was putting pressure on us, and they told us it would be completed within a week.

At that point, we were confident our problems were over and put the painting issue on the sidelines.

The Second Major Issue

Over a week had passed since we were quoted, and the painting company was nowhere to be found. This should have been our initial red flag, but we figured maybe something had fallen through the cracks and gave them a call. They told us that the reason for the delay was that they had a couple of crew members with family emergencies and would start tomorrow. I should mention that at this point we had paid half upfront as a deposit, so they already had $1250 we had paid them.

Sure enough, they did indeed show up the next day; however, it was ONLY one person. One guy showed up with a personal vehicle. I asked where the rest of the people were, and he told me it was an easy enough project, and his crew members were still having issues.


As you might have guessed, two weeks later, the house was only halfway painted, and the quality was not great. To make a long story short, we continued having issue after issue until finally, a month and a half later he finished the paint job.

We learned from our experience, and recommend that you do your homework. If we had been a bit more diligent, we could have prevented a lot of stress, but overall things still ended up working out!

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