Selecting Shingle Colors – Our DIY Guide

Selecting roofing shingle colors may not seem like a big deal, but it can quickly end up being a significant regret if you pick poorly. You may not think about it often, but shingles are a critical part of your home’s aesthetic.

Many people spent hours and hours trying to decide on the right paint tone for an exterior paint job, but don’t give hardly any thought to customizing their shingles.

Today I’m going to share a couple of quick tips on how your shingle choice can make your house stand out from the rest, while subtly increasing its appeal and value.


The First Shingles Tip

The first important tip I have today is to determine the type of look you’re going after. Are you looking for something modern? Something classic? Perhaps you just want to make your house look professional and neat.

Regardless of your individual goals, the first step it to align the color of your shingles with your exterior paint. This doesn’t mean picking the same color, but it does mean picking a color that coincides well with your paint job.

Don’t worry about the material at this point, that will come later on after you figure out the basics of what you’re looking for.


The Second Shingles Tip

In addition to looking at your paint, you need to consider the color and style of your window frames, shutters, siding, and porch. It’s often easy to overlook these small details, but they add up quickly and make a massive difference in the look and appeal of your house.

At this point, it’s also important to start thinking about your goals for the style of your room.

Some valuable questions to keep in mind are:

  • What do you want people to see first, your roof, your siding, or a blended picture?
  • Do you want your roof to add variety to your house, or just fit in nicely for a neat and refined look?
  • What style of shingles are you leaning towards?



Wrapping It All Up

After you’ve decided on the color and style of your shingles, it’s time to find someone qualified to do the install. This is harder than you might think, as there are often hundreds of roofing companies who would love to take your hard-earned cash for varying qualities of work.

Our recommendation is to avoid sites like Yelp and look at something more trustworthy such as Google reviews. Manually inspect each reviewer’s profile to confirm the authenticity of the reviews, and then get estimates from various companies.

Be ready to ask questions and make sure expectations are set before signing anything.

In some places, hail damage is frequent, and may qualify you for an insurance payout that could even cover the cost of your roof!

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